Preorder – Fishing In the Abyss: Trenchant Edges Vol 1




This is for the preorder of Fishing In The Abyss: Vol 1 of the Trenchant Edges

It Covers:

  1. The Ebook
  2. A Print Release if there’s enough interest
  3. An Audiobook if there’s enough interest

And this preorder includes shipping for the US for print.

I’m at least going to print myself a copy of this.

Table of Contents:

  • Crash Course Into The Weird
    1. Critical Thinking and UFOs: escaping Naïve Contrarianism in a World of Disinformation
    2. Critical thinking Books
    3. UFOs: The Cosmic Rorschach Test
    4. Natural and Supernatural
    5. The Crisis and the Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac
    6. Institutionalizing Weirdness: Last Wek’s UFO Report (July 1st 2021)
    7. Terence And UFOs
    8. Even more UFOs
    9. UFOs, abductions, Demons, angels, and Faires
    10. Normality and a Taxonomy of Weirdness
    11. Low weirdness and Pop Culture
    12. Channeled Middle Weirdness
    13. Grasping towards a Map of High Weidness
    14. The Problem of Sources and UFOs
    15. Weird Critical Thinking
    16. Understanding Ourselves Through Weirdness
    17. Big Pictures and Mainstream Delusions
    18. Rationalism DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC
    19. Keeping the Saucer Faith
    20. The Myth of Disclosure
    21. Ooops, All UFOs
    22. What to do when Weirdness Happens To You
    23. Area 51 and Dropping the MIC
  • Terence Mckenna
    1. Terry And Me
    2. Terence McKenna, Colonialism, and *lightning crash* cultural appropriation
    3. Just Who Is this Terence McKenna Guy?
    4. The Experiment At La Chorrera pt1
    5. Terence McKenna the criminal
    6. Shockwaves of a Singularity
    7. Terence’s Other Books
    8. Dennis’ Opus and What Came Next
    9. Holograms and the Timewave
    10. The Shoddy Scholarship of Terence McKenna
    11. Probably another 10k-20k words finishing this project out
    12. The Original Invisible Landscape
    13. Culture is a Drug
    14. The Troubling Difference Between McKenna’s 1975 and 1994 Invisible landscape
    15. Nothing unannounced; Terence Mckenna fumbling for a theory
    16. Why Experiment at LaChorrera
  • The Part Where Things Get Sad And Frustrating
    1. Reflections on Far-Right Propaganda
    2. Space Processor
    3. The Algorithm As Medium
    4. Print as media, Conspiracy as Individualism
    5. The Will To Will as Talisman Against the Vagaries of Life
    6. Facebook and the Art & Science of Making Deals With Dragons
    7. A Brief History of US Military Secrecy
    8. Politics, Parapolitics, and Conspiracies
    9. Practical Conspiracies
    10. Qanon Apocalyptic Chic
    11. Qanon Hurt itself in its confusion
    12. Q and The Plan
    13. Mainstreams and Trust Networks
    14. Moral Externalities and Outdated Morality
    15. Far Right Propaganda and More
    16. Did the CIA Invent the Term “Conspiracy Theory”?
    17. How Long Have They Been Coming To Take Our Guns?
    18. Stand Alone Complexes
    19. The Nature Of Advertising and Surviving Poison
    20. The Wake of Bill Cooper
    21. We’re Back! A Paranoid’s Story
    22. America and the Rising Neo Volkish Movement
    23. Let’s Talk About Politics
    24. Fucking Around With Parapolitics vs a NOW Shill
  • Grasping Towards the Long 21st Century
    1. Background on America’s Cultic Milieu
    2. The Limits of Imagination
    3. America’s Cultic Milieu Two
    4. Foucault’s Pendulum and Escaping Reflexive Oppositional Defiance
    5. Pondering the Mental Health Orb
    6. On the Limits of the Internet
    7. Hashtag Gnostic Problems and the Dreams of Descartes
    8. Ur-Gnosticism
    9. Demand Side Disinformation
    10. Spiritualism and the Contradictions of Madame Blavatsky
    11. Mothman Prophecies and Cognitive Treadmills
    12. Ghosts of the 21st Century Haunting the 20th
    13. Trauma Metaphysics
    14. What Even is History
  • Odds and Ends
    1. Why You Should Read Moby Dick (The book that gives you more reading homework!)
    2. Fish And Water
    3. Did Herman Melville Do DMT
    4. Screaming into the void about the flaws of Eugenics
    5. Care About the Classics
    6. Skepticisms and Thinking For Yourself
    7. The Perils of the Autodiddact
    8. The Maddest Scientist
    9. An Essay on Jordan Peterson’s 25 Page Essay on Essay Writing
    10. Difficult Conversations
    11. The Far Off Land
    12. That Time I tried creating a religion
    13. Another America
    14. Demand Avoidance
    15. Everything You Wanted to know About Solipsism But Were Afraid to Ask Because You were Worried Nobody But You Exists
    16. Ad Magic
    17. Whatever the hell the Tension Triangle Is
    18. Ergot, Frank Olson, why 250 French people went mad in 1951





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