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You might look at this pretty image here and think, “What’s going on there? What does it mean?”

It’s kind of a statement of perspective: Integrating as many levels of meaning as possible.
On getting the stickers in, I realized we’d never named the symbol and so I hastily came up with Trilostesia. Suitably pretentious, right?
I’ve completely forgotten where the suffix same from. Three something. Tri is Latin, so if I know my sense of humor the rest is probably greek.
Low key it lays out my metaphysics built on synthesis and recognition of self-similarity.
Red is for blood and the physical body, paced by the living heartbeat. Blue is mind, that point of awareness and the simulation of reality apparently created by synapses in the brain. Green is for the ecology of the phenomenological world we live in, mixed through with roots, mycelium, and rivers.
All of them contained in a circle for unity and broken up into arbitrary boxes as a reminder of the underlying unity of reality.
Some of this was part of my original intention, some of it has built up over time and over additional observation. That’s the fun thing about a symbol: Perception itself remixes the object’s associations.
Perfect for starting conversations with strange new people.

This is a limited edition pin, there are only 205 of them. After that, they will sparkle no more.

Shipping is free in the US. If you’re outside the US let me know. I’ll warn you, it sucks.

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5 reviews for Trilostesia – LIMITED EDITION 1″ SPARKLY ASS PIN

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  1. Michael C

    Very nicely made pin representing an obscure Facebook group where I get some great discussions about the con known as cryptocurrency and the collapse of civilization as we know it. Not a cult at all. Worth every penny.

  2. Travis (verified owner)

    Stellar quality pin, couldn’t be happier!

    Image #1 from Travis
  3. Harrison (verified owner)

    The trilostesia is a cool symbol; your friends, family, and coworkers won’t be concerned for your mental health by it, like other more recognizable symbology

    The sparkles really pop in daylight too (if you’re not a vampire, that is)!

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Smaller than I though it was, but that’s a reading comprehension problem, not a problem with the product.

    Sparkly beyond my wildest dreams, and came shipped complete with a handy dandy little reclosable 1″x1″ baggie that can be re-used to maximize the environmental friendliness of your own legitimate business! An excellent replacement for that David Bowie pin I lost.

  5. gretta (verified owner)

    It’s very quality actually, and smaller than I thought, which is a good thing. The sparkles are excellent, and when I look at them I feel young again. I need to rearrange my pins but you can see the pin here. Never thought I would love being part of a club that would have me for a member, but I did pay a fee, so there’s that.

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